Herewith are our standard costs to play at Namibia Padel (Updated June 2024).

Download the “Namibia Padel” app on Google Play store or Apple app store for bookings:

  • Court rental – N$460 per hour. N$690 per hour and a half.

(Players tend to split the costs amongst friends, N$115, using an open match function for friends only on the app - for players familiar with the app)

  • Racket rental – N$50 per person per session
  • Balls rental – N$90 per can of 3
  • Balls purchasing – N$150 per can of 3

We recommend you buy balls instead of renting, then you have balls for the next time you play... and you will want to play again.

In time, if you enjoy Padel, we recommend you buy a racket from our Pro-shop. Prices start from N$1,700 and can go up to N$9,000 for top-end rackets. In any sport you need to invest in your equipment, from cycling, to running, to tennis and squash.

Once you have your gear, your hourly rate of N$115 is not that much compared to other activities in Namibia.

Recharges (for regular players)

Then you have more options to reduce costs. Recharge your credit Balance on the app. If you recharge your balance on the app you get credit on top of the amount you recharge. If you recharge for N$2,760 you get N$5,520 credit balance.

So essentially everything you book becomes 50% cheaper.

That means your hourly rate becomes N$57.50 per person.

Off-peak pricing

Pensioners (over 60) enjoy 50% off rates from 07h00 to 17h00 in the week.

Kids (under 18) enjoy 50% off rates from 07h00 to 17h00 in the week.

All players pay only N$360 per court per hour from 07h00 to 17h00 in the week.


Every now and then there are other specials running, please keep an eye on social media or the app for such notices. These discounts are automatically programmed into the app.










The Namibia Padel whatsapp number is +264 85 798 3160 for queries on bookings and rates.


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